What is Knapp Counsel?

  • Serving as Knapp counsel means that Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC will associate with the lawyer appointed to provide assistance to the defendant in the case.
  • This arrangement is specifically authorized by Knapp v. Hardy, 111 Ariz. 107, 523 P. 2d 1308 (Ariz. 1974). 
  • For a flat fee, in most cases, of $500.00 Mr. Ellinwood will review the case and meet with the client to discuss the case.
  • For example, Mr. Ellinwood may offer counsel as to whether it is a good idea to accept a plea agreement.

Second opinion

Knapp Counsel

Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC will act as Knapp counsel if it is not financially possible for us to take over the entire case.

Mr. Ellinwood will provide second opinions in  criminal cases.


  • Ralph Ellinwood is available to act as a consultant, providing opinions and suggestions for strategies to supplement legal services you currently have. In most cases, attorneys of record seek these services.

  • Ralph Ellinwood also may serve as Knapp Counsel in criminal cases or provide second opinions in select cases.


Fees for Knapp Services

  • The fees for providing Knapp services vary, but are based on what assistance should be provided.
  • Generally, Knapp fees are around half of what full litigation fees would be.
  • This arrangement also has the advantage of being able to have the government pay for costs and experts.
  • Knapp arrangements work particularly well where the case is in a rural county and travel time and costs increase the fees required to assume full responsibility for a case.