ABOUT The Practice

Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC 


Civil matters

Ralph Ellinwood engages in Civil Litigation in the following areas:

  • Legal malpractice 
  • Property disputes 
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contested wills and estates

Criminal defense

Criminal defense is the primary focus of the practice at Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC .
Mr. Ellinwood has more than 40 years experience representing clients in a wide range of criminal cases. 
  • Ralph Ellinwood is available to act as a consultant, providing opinions and suggestions for strategies to supplement legal services you currently have. In most cases, attorneys of record seek these services.​​​​
  • Mr. Ellinwood also may serve as Knapp Counsel in criminal cases or provide second opinions in select cases.
Ralph E. Ellinwood Attorney at Law PLLC also handles plaintiff's legal malpractice cases, contract drafting and disputes, and other civil litigation, and provides consulting services, such as Knapp Counsel in criminal cases or second opinions in other serious matters.
  • Ralph Ellinwood has extensive experience in defending people accused of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, child molestation, and computer sex crimes, as well as other serious crimes and complex white-collar crime or fraud.
  • Mr. Ellinwood represents clients on Rule 32 petitions for post-conviction relief.
  • Mr. Ellinwood provides representation in all courts, City Court, Justice Court, Superior Court, and Federal Court. Representation in Federal Court is a specialty.